Tenganan Village

Tenganan Village, The Most Attractive Balinese Traditional Village

Tenganan Village

Tenganan Village

Bali is also well known as the one of many islands in Indonesia which has strong traditional culture. So, it is not surprisingly if tourist will found one or two traditional village around. Tenganan Village is one of the Balinesse Traditional Village that is located in Karangasem Regency, east Bali. The village well knows as a unique local community life patter of Bali Ancient Village (Hindu Prehistoric).

The village is also often shown in the cultural literature science such as Tenganan Pegringsingan. Then, because of its unique characteristic, Tenganan Village becomes one of tourist favorite’s spot who want to know about Balinese culture deeper. There is several attractive ways to fascinate the tourist in the village. So, let’s check it out!

Enjoying Traditional Balinese Tenganan Village Performance

Tenganan Village is located in the same regency as Candidasa and obviously offers many gorgeous ways to draw out tourist interest. You can find many tour and travel agency nearby that can drive you into the village. Or else, you might join on one of tour and travel agency before coming to Bali in order to gets more specific and better holiday’s planning.

The tour agency usually also hiring some tour guide that will help you to understand the culture. Near the village, you can also see some resort and hotels available in order for you who want to stay any longer. The hotels nearby is likely Lotus Bungalow and Putri Bagus Candidasa.

Moreover, there are some requirements of Tenganan Vilages that you can enjoy. The first one is if you are visiting Bali around June, you will get the chance to see the tradition of Mekere-Kare. It is a faith tradition which allows the residences to screw pine for the matter of religion value, test of physical delaying, spirit’s struggle while other play the gamelan of Selonding.

Then, the famous festival called Ikat Pangringsngan is the Art Crafting Weave of cloth fastens by some distinctive color. Furthermore, the architecture of village is unique, which a linear rural pattern with bilateral society at seniority collective. On the top of that, the village is high serving on religion, traditional, and artistically matter. That is the most attractive matter in the village.

Near the Tenganan Village, you can also find several tourist destinations such as Virgin Beach, Canddasa Beach, Puri Agung Karangasem, Besakih Temple, Putung Village, Tulamben, Tirta Gangga Water Park and so on. All the destination is located in the same region, Karangasem Region. It will make the tourist to reach all of the places easily.


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