Candidasa Surfing

Amusing Experience of Candidasa Surfing for Beginner and Professional

Candidasa Surfing

Candidasa Surfing

With its beautiful and rich sea shore, Candadisa become one of the best place to do snorkeling and surfing. You might find it best to do surfing in Candidasa around July because of it is said to be best time of the high wave. Candidasa surfing is also quite popular in Bali. Find the best tour guide and resort to relax while do surfing.

Even though, some people say that there is no surfing places in Candidasa, but actually there are some great beaches that can be use on surfing. Let’s check out several beaches mentioning. And below, you will also see how your surfing will be so amusing when being in this mendtioned beach in Candidasa. Let’s check them all.

Great Experience that You Can Gain with Candidasa Surfing

If you are in Candidasa and looking up for some good wave and wind for professional surfing places, you will eventually find it. But, Candidasa surfing is also provide for beginner surfer. Some beaches may become popular with its wave such as Jasri beach and Ubud beach. You can find some surfers that enjoy the wave while some sun-bathing their body. Padang Bai beach also said to be one of nice place for surfing. The surfing on Candidasa is usually depends on tides and wind condition, but you can still have to bring your surfboard.

It would be even better if you hire a private driver. You can visit other available places and ask them for a good suggestion places to do surfing. If you are staying at Villa Rindik and Villa Pantai, you eventually will see some people who do surfing. Legian beach is also a recommended place to do surfing.  Candidasa surfing is actually much promised. On the other hand, you must be careful with the rocks out there. It would be quite dangerous to staying for too long time. You better get off before the rocks shallows you feet.

Then, to enjoy the more vacation, hire a car or van, boards, and a soft rack that would be nicest items to bring along with your journey. Take a look for every possible beach to do surfing because it is actually worth your time to do Candidasa surfing while staying in Bali. It can be other opinion than surf in the Kuta beach that is always filled up with too much people. Moreover, find the nice resort and restaurant to relax your body. Gets very amazing holiday with your lovely family in Bali, Indonesia!


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